Diploma Program

Diploma in Cabin Crew and Hospitality


This 11- Months diploma course is designed to change your life. This course is aimed at people who would like to become Flight Attendants. A career as a flight attendant allows you to experience a luxurious lifestyle, enriched public relations, and extravagant world travel opportunities. The liberation of the skies has opened up many employment opportunities in this area. This profession requires hard work, dedication, and commitment

The course at AHARADA corresponds to the international standards of on-board operations and the hotel industry of the airlines. It will prepare you to face the toughest moments when choosing airlines.

Being a cabin attendant you earn certain perks for yourself such as.

• Access to discounted travel for your immediate family
• Accommodation- layovers at 5-7 stars hotel
• World Travel opportunity
• Likely to be paid a base starting salary of around Rs.30,000 to Rs. 35,000pm to start with, rising to around Rs.40,000-43,000
• With experience, with additional hourly payments for time spent on flights and bonuses for in-flight sales and performance.
• Additional payments for being able to speak more than one language.


Diploma in Cabin Crew & Hospitality is an award program conferred by Aharada Education and Himgiri Zee University Dehradun.

For professional advice on entry requirements, please contact Aharada Education Admissions on +91 7303381359 or e-mail:

Diploma in Cabin Crew & Hospitality is an award program conferred by Aharada Education and Himgiri Zee University Dehradun. For professional advice on entry requirements, please contact Aharada Education Admissions on +91 7303381359 or e-mail:

Students from any stream, who have passed the 12th standard board examinations are eligible to pursue this course. Minimum marks criteria exist, but it varies from one Institute to another. Usually, it is around 40% marks.



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