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About Aharada

We welcome you to the World of Aharada….

We at Aharada are on a mission to prepare students for the challenges of the corporate world. We do this by helping them develop skills that they can use to succeed in their careers, and we do it in an environment that is positive, productive, and encourages creativity.
We help our students become organic intellectuals, so they have the knowledge and skill sets they need to succeed in whatever career path they choose. Our students learn how to make decisions based on their goals, rather than following established rules or guidelines. They also learn how to balance intellectual rigor with emotional intelligence, so they can see problems from different perspectives and come up with creative solutions.

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We don’t just give students an education and experiences that set them up for success in a career. We help them succeed in their career—to discover a field they’re passionate about and dare to lead it.

Aharada Education core feautures

Quality Certifications

Aharada Education has higher goals therefore authenticity is uncompromisable. All undergraduate & master’s programs are approved by University Grants Commission (UGC) and diploma programs are approved and accepted by National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC).

Learning Best Practice

We reap what we sow’. Therefore Aharada Education focuses on the disciplined approach of studying which includes not only theoretical but practical knowledge as well, special doubt clearance classes are conducted, teachers are approachable and comprehensive towards students and allow them to learn at their own pace.

Online Resources

Audio visual facility, smart classrooms, online study training materials like AOPA , Air Crash Investigation , Books and interactive tutorials are few of our resources that has been helpful for achieving our goal, we aim to use these best modern technologies and apps like google meet, Microsoft team etc. to provide best online educational services.

Study Plan Tutors

With the aim of providing quality education , along with lessons by industry experts and qualified teachers , we recreated study techniques by converting it into educational helicopter rides, internship programs and best In-field training opportunities. “There’s no education quite like the lessons of travel.”

Advanced Practice

Modern education demands latest technologies, graphic learnings, detailed case studies, advanced learning techniques therefore Aharada education focuses on these approaches and implements to create a subtle learning environment.


The 3 R’s Reach -the campus, learn about your field gain the best knowledge. Research-once in field be curious, learn facts, experience the roles and responsibilities. Recreate- apply your knowledge ,take decisions like an expert aviator and learn each day.

Video Tour in Aharada

Take a tour in Aharada and you will find the best Aerospace & Aviation training in the state. The video will take you to every places in it.

Brand Name
The Quality of Faculty
Industry Projects
Great Infrastructure

Why Aharada Education?

Aharada Education  is one of the best aviation institute in India and has been working for many years in Higher Education. Our Aviation Education is considered the brand in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh and is working hard to be the brand name all over India.

The Quality of Faculty

At Aharada, students will get equipped with competencies, skills, and learning under knowledgeable and experienced faculty. The faculty will help you accomplish your dream and show you the way towards Industry. Our gem of faculty produces talents.

Industry Projects

Aharada Education provides a bundle of opportunities to its students. With live projects, training, seminars, and internship programs, students will learn how to work in a dynamic business environment and get Industry exposure. We give challenges to students so that they can learn from the projects and can get the best job opportunities.

Great Infrastructure

Aharada Education believes students must get an excellent environment to study and pursue their dream! In the technological-advanced era, we have all the modern equipment, labs, Library, Modern classrooms, and more. We have set a benchmark for being a place with good infrastructure.

Aharada Invites you to be its part!


Aharada Education was established in 2019 for the public benefit and it is recognized globally.

Graduated & Professional

Aharada Education was established in 2019 for the public benefit and it is recognized globally.

Scholarships & Financial AID

Aharada Education was established in 2019 for the public benefit and it is recognized globally.

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