BBA in Aviation

Introduction to Aviation Industry & Aviation emergencies

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SAGE University Indore

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Course Objectives:
  1. To make the students understand the airline industry and its regulatory bodies.
  2. To gain knowledge on various characteristics of Airline Industry.
  3. To acquaint the student with organizational structure of the airline industry.
  4. To familiarize the student with security, navigation, and traffic control.
  5. To get exposure on importance of safety and security

Unit I

Introduction to Airline Industry – National & International view, It’s characteristics, history, main domains & verticals.

Unit II

Airline Industry – Scope – Types – Scheduled and Non Scheduled Flights – Air Cargo Transport – Economic and Social impact – Key Performance indicators.

Unit III

Airline Alliances – Development of commercial airlines – Deregulation – Impact of Deregulated Airline industry – Organizational Structure – Types of Airline Personnel – Flight crew and Cabin Crew – Training – Organizational Culture.

Unit IV

Regulatory Bodies: Roles & Responsibilities , Directorate General of Civil Aviation , Ministry of Civil Aviation , Bureau of Civil Aviation Security , International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) , International Air Transport Association (IATA) , Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) , Airport Authority of India.

Unit V

Rules & Regulations: Schedule & Non -Schedule Airlines , Airport , Helipad , Heliport , international flight clearance regulation agency , Ground Handling Agency at Airports.

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Reference / Text Books:
  1. IATA Book on Airline Customer Service.
  2. The Global Airline Industry, Dr. Peter Belobaba Master of Science, Ph.D.,Amedeo Odoni Ph.D.,Professor Cynthia Barnhart, 2009.
Course Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the course, Students will be able to

CO 1:   Understand the airline industry and its regulatory bodies.
CO 2:   Illustrate various characteristics of Airline Industry.
CO 3:   Make use of organizational structure of the airline industry knowledge in Aviation and Travel Management.
CO 4:   Explain the organizational structure of the airline industry.
CO 5:   Apply knowledge of safety and security in the aviation industries.